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Tickets / booking

Payments for tickets are accepted until July 15th

No tickets:

  • Inauguration concert on the 4th of August, at 20:00
  • Recital Viviana Sofronicky i Sergei Istomin on the 5th of August, at 16:00
  • Piano recital George Li on the 5th of August, at 19:00
  • Kate Liu recital on the 6th of August, at 16:00
  • Nocturne on the 8th of August, at 22:00
  • Final recital Vadym Kholodenko on the 12th of August, at 20:00

No combined festival ticket available



Seats are booked on the basis of written orders. After receiving confirmation of your order, you should pay 50% of the value of the combined festival tickets or individual concert tickets ordered (orders for an amount of less than PLN 100.00 must be paid in full) to the Foundation’s bank account:

Iban: PL 69 1090 2327 0000 0005 9410 0000

After receiving the payment, we will confirm your booking by means of an invoice for the advance amount paid, issued to the person who has made the payment.
Booking will continue until no more combined festival tickets or individual concert tickets are available, which will be notified on www.festival.pl.

Combined festival ticket price: 960,00 zł.

The combined festival ticket includes entrance to concerts at 16.00 and 20.00 as well as the NOCTURNE concert. It does not include entrance to the charity concert on the 8th of August, at 19:00.

Ticket prices

Combined festival ticket 960,00 zł
Inauguration concert 90,00 zł
Piano recital Szymon Nehring on 5th August 90,00 zł
Concerts on 5-11 August
at 20:00
70,00 zł
Concerts on 5-12 August
at 16:00
50,00 zł
Final concert 90,00 zł
Nocturne concert 150,00 zł
Charity concert CARITAS charity donation certificates
prior to the concert
(not included in the combined festival ticket)
Master Class free entrance

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